Muscles and muscle tissue

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What is excitability?

the ability to receive and respond to a stimulus, which is any change in the environment, whether it be inside or outside of the body.

(also called responsiveness or irritability)

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    What is usually the stimulus creating the excitability of muscles?

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    Explain how a chemical might create excitability?

    A neurotransmitter released by a nerve cell, or a local change in pH is the chemical stimuli.

    This stimuli then creates an electrical impulse

    The impulse passes along the plasma membrane of the muscle cell

    Which then causes the cell to contract.
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    What is contractility?
    The ability to shorten forcibly when adequately stimulated.

    (this sets muscles apart from all other tissue types.)
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    What is Extensibility?
    the ability to be stretched or extended.

    (muscles can be stretched, even beyond their resting length, when relaxed.)
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    Do muscle cells shorten or lengthen when contracting?
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    What is Elasticity?
    The ability of a muscle cell to recoil and resume it's resting length after being stretched.
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    What are the four main functions muscles perform for the body?
    1. Produces movement

    2. Maintains posture

    3. Stabilizes joints

    4. Generates heat
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    What helps us to maintain blood pressure?
    Blood courses through our body because of:

    1. The rhythmically beating cardiac muscle of our heart.


    2. The smooth muscle in the walls of our blood vessels.

    (example of movement)
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    What does smooth muscle movement in our visceral organs do?
    Propels or squeezes substances (ex: foodstuffs, urine, a baby!) through the organs and along the tract.
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    What muscle type maintains our body's posture and how often do they function?
    Skeletal muscles function almost continuously.

    This is because it is making one tiny adjustment after another to counteract the never-ending downward pull of gravity.
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    What muscles type is MOST responsible for generating heat?
    Skeletal muscle
Muscles and muscle tissue
Muscles and muscle tissue
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