sociology quiz chapter 1

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C. Wright Mills

Conflict Theorist. Associated with sociological imagination 1916-1962. "value free sociology impossible." believed important decisions were made by Power Elite: small clique of corporate, political, and military officials.

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    Charles Horton Cooley
    social interactionist Looking Glass Self: refers to way in which a person's sense of self is derived from the perceptions of others mirror our own thoughts.
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    George Herbert Mead
    social interactionist 1863-1931 extended Cooley's insights by looking at role playing. The "I" and the "Me" . Prepatory Stage--> PLay stage---> Game Stage. Significant Others Generalized Other: refers to child's awareness of demands and expectations of society.
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    Erving Goffman
    symbolic interactionist 1922-1982 known for DRAMATIC ANALYSIS: individuals go thru life acting on stage
sociology quiz chapter 1
sociology quiz chapter 1
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