Texas Driver's Handbook

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Flashing lights are permitted on what types of vehicles?

emergency vehicles, highway maintenance equipment, snow removal equipment, church buses, school buses, and tow trucks.

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  • Jack Dennison
    What is the greatest width ordinarily allowed by state law for a vehicle on the highway?
    102 inches
  • Jack Dennison
    What usually determines the number of trailers that may ordinarily be
    pulled by one vehicle?
    The unloaded weight of the vehicle. If it's less than 2,500 pounds, only 1 trailer is allowed. Over 2,500 pounds, two trailers are allowed.
  • Jack Dennison
    What is the greatest length ordinarily allowed by state law for any combination of truck and trailer?
    65 feet
  • Jack Dennison
    What is the minimum weight which a trailer or semi-trailer must have
    before the vehicle is required to have brakes that can be applied by the driver?
    4,500 pounds
  • Jack Dennison
    When one truck is following another truck or vehicle it must keep far
    enough back to allow how many vehicles to safely enter between them?
  • Jack Dennison
    When mud flaps are required on a vehicle, they must come within how many inches of the surface?
    Eight inches
  • Jack Dennison
    What are the regulations regarding lugs and flanges on Texas state
    A tire may not have on its periphery a block, cleats, lugs, flanges, studs, spikes, or other protuberance of material other than rubber that project beyond the tread of the traction surface unless the protuberance does not damage the highway.
Texas Driver s Handbook
Texas Driver's Handbook
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