Texas Driver's Handbook

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Why must air tanks be drained?

65 (same as cars)

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  • Jack Dennison
    What should you do when going down a steep grade in a heavy vehicle?
    Use a low gear.
  • Jack Dennison
    What should you do when turning right in a vehicle which is too large to be turned by staying in the proper lane?
    Approach corner in proper lane, about 4 feet from curb (close enough to prevent cars from passing on the right).

    As soon as front wheels pass the corner, turn wide to the right.
  • Jack Dennison
    How can farm tractors meet lighting requirements when operating on
    the highway at night?
    On the front, a white light visible for 1,000 feet.

    On the rear, two red lights visible for 1,000 feet, or 1 red light visible for 1,000 feet and 2 red reflectors visible from 100 to 600 feet.
  • Jack Dennison
    What are the vehicle size and weight requirements for Class A, B, and C driver licenses (non-CDL)?
    Class A: vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more and trailer weight rating over 10,000 pounds.

    Class B: vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more and trailer weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less.

    Class C: vehicles that aren't A or B; trailers 10,000 pounds or less; farm trailers up to 20,000 pounds.
  • Jack Dennison
    What should be the first action of the driver of a disabled truck or bus?
    Put out the proper flares, flags or reflectors.
  • Jack Dennison
    Where should flares be placed around a truck when necessary?
    On a two way road, place one flare at 10 feet behind the truck, one at 100 feet behind, and one at 100 feet ahead.

    On a divided highway (where all traffic is from the rear), place one flare at 10 feet behind, one at 100 feet behind, and one at 200 feet behind.

    Where vision is obscured (e.g. on a curve) the rear flare may be 100 to 500 feet back.
  • Jack Dennison
    What is the required lighting of a semi-trailer 80 inches or more in width?
    see diagram on page 15-10 of the Handbook:

    2 amber clearance lights on the front

    2 red clearance lights on the back

    2 red tail lamps

    2 red stop lamps

    electric turn signals

    side marker lamps
  • Jack Dennison
    What are the height limits between which reflectors must be mounted (on trucks and trailers)?
    At least 24 inches high and no more than 60 inches high.

    This is the rule for trucks and trailers 80 or more inches wide and 30 or more feet long.
  • Jack Dennison
    What color should clearance lamps, side marker lamps, or reflectors
    mounted on or near the front of a vehicle be?
  • Jack Dennison
     What is the greatest height allowed by state law for a vehicle including its load?
    14 feet
Texas Driver s Handbook
Texas Driver's Handbook
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