Social Studies Midterm 2011

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How did the French and Indian War draw the colonists closer together but increase the friction with Britain?

all colonists saw that the British were unfair by making them fight, then taxing them for a war they didn't want

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    Why did Pontiac begin attacking British forts and settlements?
    because they were on his tribe's land without permission
  • kamays 2015
    How did the colonists think of themselves differently after the end of the French and Indian war?
    after being forced to fight in the war for the english, english had taxed them so now they thought themselves more independent from england
  • kamays 2015
    How did the colonists react to the Stamp Act?
    all protested against it so it was repealed
  • kamays 2015
    What was included under the stamp act?
    there had to be taxed stamps placed on all wills, newspapers, licenses, insurance policies, land titiles, and contracts, and other documents
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    What was the quartering act?
    a soldier could march into a home and make the home owners give them a bed to stay in, and food to eat, and accomodate his needs
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    What was the sugar act?
    A tax on imported goods, but only several such as sugar and molasses
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    What were the Writs of Assistance?
    Ability to search someone's home for no particular reason and have the right to take anything they have
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    What were the Townshend Acts?
    the only taxing of items imported to the colonies
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    What effect did the Boston Massacre have on colonial resistance to British policies?
    they could say "I won't do this for you/pay that tax, your just going to kill our young & innocent"
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    Why were the colonists opposed to the Tea Act even though it lowered prices for tea?
    it made the East India Trading company a monopoly for tea, so merchants couldn't beat the low British price, but even though it was lowered, there was still a tax on tea
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    In What ways did the colonists show that they were angry about British violation of their rights?
    They set up many protests, and boycotts, including the Boston Tea Party
Social Studies Midterm 2011
Social Studies Midterm 2011
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Goes through Constitution, French and Indian War, Declaration of Independence, and independence for American Colonists, plus states & capitals
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