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Fourth level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

Feeling to be recognized

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    Fifth level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
    Self Actualization
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    Ways to Improve Self Esteem
    Choose friends who value/respect you
    Focus on the positive
    Use supportive self talk
    Work toward accomplishment
    Learn from mistakes
    Write down goals
    Exercise regularly
    Accept unchangeable
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    Long Term Effects of Tobacco Use
    Chronic Bronchitis
    Lung cancer
    Coronary heart disease & stroke
    Weakened immune system
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    Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse
    Damages brain cells
    Increases blood pressure
    Builds fat in liver
    Can cause stomach ulcers and cancer
    Destroys pancreas
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    Signs of Drug Use
    Constant mention of drugs
    Stops participating
    Changes eating/sleeping habits
    Takes unnecessary risks
    Gets in trouble w/ authority
    Seems withdrawn, depressed, tired, has red-rimmed eyes, blackouts or difficulty concentrating
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    Drug Free School Zones
    Increases punishment for selling/possessing drugs within 1,000 ft of schools
Health Vocab Concepts
Health Vocab?Concepts
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