Food Web and Energy

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What are the 8 characteristics of organisms?

1. Take in, convert, and release energy and materials from the enviroment
2. Have chemical organization
3. have complex structural organization that's responsible for appearance and activities
4. They have coded instructions
5. Adaption
6. Movement
7. Growth and Development
8. Reproduction

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  • sofianak
    Organism depend on ...
    a) biotic factors
    b) abiotic factors
    c) both a and b
  • sofianak
    What is the Biosphere?
    The biosphere contains all ecosystems?
  • sofianak
    Place the following in typical order
    - Decomposers
    Producers -> Consumers -> Decomposers
    Producers----------------------> Decomposers
  • sofianak
    What is the first law of thermodynamics?
    Energy CANNOT be created / destroyed, but can change form.
    On a broader scale, it is the law of conservation of energy.
  • sofianak
    What is the second law of thermodynamics ?
    Systems tend to change in a way that increases entrophy (disorder). In other words free energy decreases while entrophy increases.
  • sofianak
    Why can't organisms recycle energy?
    Their activities change it into a heat energy that cannot be used for work.
Food Web and Energy
Food Web and Energy
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Food Web and Energy
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