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Describe the Peace of Westphalia and its results.

(October 1648) Peace that ended the Thirty years war and gave German princes the right to govern their princedoms as they saw fit. This divided German into 300 different princedoms and marked the end of the Holy Roman Empire as a state. Also The United Provinces of the Netherlands were officially recognized. France received Alsass which busted its size and reputation, Sweden received a large cash reward and the Baltic sea. Calvinism was also recognized as a legal religion.

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  • gabigalswim
    List 5 groups who "found" America.
    1. vikings 2. phoenicians 3.Chinese 4. Africans 5.Irish!!
  • gabigalswim
    List 5 new technologies to improve the Age of Discovery.
    1. Magnetic Compass 2. Astrolabe 3. Cannon
    4. Caravel (ship with 3 masts; wind powered, easily meaneuverd and fitted with cannons)
    5. nocturnal
  • gabigalswim
    List and describe the Spanish class structure in the Americas (4 different classes).
    1. Peninsulares (born in and only European) 2. Creoles (born in America from only European discent) 3. Mestizos (born in America, mix of European and Native American) 4. Native Americans (born in and only American)
  • gabigalswim
    List the goods from Europe to America (6 things).
    1. wheat 2. rye 3. oats 4. rice 5. sugar cane 6. horses, oxen, donkeys, mules
  • gabigalswim
    List the new business from the age of discovery.
    stocks, checks, insurance, inflation, joint stock companies
Ap Euro Chapter 15 ID
Ap Euro Chapter 15 ID
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