Pharmacology Test 1

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what is first-pass effect? and tell 4 routes that this effect will take place.

the initial metabolism in the liver of a drug absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract before the drug reaches systemic circulation through the bloodstream.
1.hepatic arterial
3.portal venous

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  • ronda whiting
    what is bioequivalent?
    two drugs that have the same bioavailability and same concentration of active ingredient. (e.g. a brand-name drug and the same generic drug)
  • ronda whiting
    absorbed through stomach or small intestines
  • ronda whiting
    any route of administration other than the GI tract, injection, sublingual, buccal, topical and transdermal.
  • ronda whiting
    what are factors affecting the rate of absorption?
    food or fluids ingested with the drug, dosage formulation, status of absorptive surface, rate of blood flow to the small intestine, acidity of stomach, GI motility, route of admin.
  • ronda whiting
    Areas of rapid distribution. and slower distribution
    faster-heart liver, kidneys, brain
    slower-skin, fat, muscle
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    What effect on drug metabolism does Cardiovascular dysfunction, renal insufficiency, starvation, barbiturates have?
    Cardiovascular dysfunction- decrease-slow metabolism
    Renal insufficiency-decrease-slow metabolism
    Starvation-decrease-slow metabolism
    Barbiturates-increase-speed-up metabolism
Pharmacology Test 1
Pharmacology Test 1
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