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what does redeem mean in bible?

save from slavery

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  • cmcdouge
    Where is the servant song predicting the Messiah found?
    what does it say?
    Who is it about? (2 possibilities)
    1. beyond human
    2. marred/rejected
    3. dies
    4. bears sin/inequities
    5. is alive still
    Could be Israel/Jesus
  • cmcdouge
    What is Apocalyptic- which books are Apocalyptic?
    Apocalyptic- heavenly messenger reveals secret, deep, mysterious knowledge
    books of Daniel/revelations
  • cmcdouge
    What is apocryphal
    books at the end of old testament; means "hidden things"; not included in Jewish bibles; added in council of Trent
  • cmcdouge

    What book does King order people to tell him and interpret his dream?
    Who ends up being able to?

    What is the dream about? interpretation?
    Statue made of diff materials destroyed by stone and becomes a mountain... diff materials mean different kingsdoms, stone is jesus, mountain is church
  • cmcdouge
    What is the kings other dream?
    4 beast. last is put to death. symbolizes Yahweh killing last beast, holding judgment, and creating kingdom forever.
  • cmcdouge
    Which two major prophets predicts God will bring them out of exile?
    What are each of their theories?
    Jeremiah and Ezekiel
    Jeremiah: suffering servant brings unbreakable convenant (Jesus)
    Ezekiel: Bones brought back to life (out of exile); uses creation images
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