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Qualitative Research

An attempt to "understand and make sense of phenomena from the participant's perspective" (Merriam, 2002, p. 6)

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  • scasola
    Focus of qualitative inquiry
    How "people perceive their experiences, what they believe about issues, and how their interactions with others influence these attitudes and values" (Pitney & Parker, 2009, p. 5)
  • scasola
    Why interview-based reserach design?
    Because it will enable the researchers to study selected issues in-depth that are inductive in nature with the intent of exploration and discovery
  • scasola

    What do researchers hope to gain by using interview-based methodology rather than more prevalent use of survey instruments with this populaation

    Researchers hope to gather more in-depth data.
  • scasola
    What type of transtion based program is Project Search?
    It's an employer-based intervention for high school students with significant disabilities whose main goal is competitive employment
Proposal Defense Prep
Proposal Defense Prep
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