Assessment and Documentation

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Leisure Ability Model

What are the 3 areas of Leisure Ability?
-Functional Intervention
-Leisure Education
-Recreation Participation

Clients can receive services in 1,2, or all 3 areas

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    Health Protection/ Health Promotion Model
    -Health is the central concept

    -"The purpose of TR is to recover following threats to health (health protection) and to achieve as high a level of health as possible (health promotion)

    -Concept of health
    --> Biopsychosocial perspective
    --> From a disease orientation to health orentation that has concern for both health protection and health promotion
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    What is an Intervention Program?
    -Systematically designed, prior to implementation, with outcomes in mind

    -Designed based on client characteristics and needs

    -Has identified client outcomes

    -Able to produce desired outcomes or results
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    Non-Intervention Program
    -Provide for fun or enjoyment



    -All invited
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    Purpose of Assessment
    -Identify client information (problems/strengths)
    -->Initial baseline assessment (treatment planning, program placement)
    -->Monitor progress (formative evaluation)
    -->Summarize progress (summative evaluation)

    -Research on programs (most effective intervention)
    -->Ex: Effects of physical activity on falls
    -->Evidence based practice


    -Administrative requirements
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    -An assessment is a process of estimating or measuring the level of ability, characteristics, or the personal values of a client

    -"The systematic process of gathering and analyzing selected information about an individual client and using the results for placement into a program(s) that is designed to reduce or eliminate the individuals ability to independently function in leisure pursuits

    -Systematic procedure for gathering selected information about an individual for the purpose of making decisions regarding that individuals program or treatment plan

    -Formal assessment refers to use of standard techniques, procedures, and instruments to generate information about clients to assist in structuring therapeutic recreation interventions

    -Whether we place a client in a program based on the results of an assessment, or we individualize a program based on the results of an assessment, there must be a direct connection between the content of the assessment and the content of the program
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    Key Points
    Systematic procedure
    --> Planning, developing protocol, implementing protocol, gathering information

    Select information
    --> What are needs?

    --> To improve
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    Rationale for Conducting
    -Improve services to client


    -Compliance with professional standards

    -Compliance with regulatory or accreditation standards
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    -Professional mandate exists for formal assessment

    --> CMS, CARF, and JCAHO

    --> NTRS: Standard IV: Documentation- The therapeutic recreation specialist records specific information based on client assessment, involvement, and progress. Information pertaining to the client is recorded on regular basis as determined by agency policy and procedures and accrediting body standards

    -->ATRA: Standard 1: The therapeutic recreation specialist conducts an individualized assessment to collect systematic, comprehensive and accurate data necessary to determine a course of action and subsequent individualized treatment plan

    --> NCTRC: Job tasks of the TRS related to client assessment, NCTRC knowledge area

    -Standard assessment directs standard judgments and prescribed approaches
    --> Less subject to bias
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    To Avoid Bias
    -Human tendency to attend to information that supports one's belief (See, I told you)

    Abailable Heuristic device
    -Tendency to understand new phenomena in terms of existing information ("med student disease")

    Representative Heuristic device
    -A is symptom of X
    -Most often seen in group 1, client is member of group 1 and shows signs of A
    -Probably has X
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    Assessment Paradigm



  • lilcheeringrl06
    Psychometric Paradigm

    -Measurement of constructs
    --> Attempting to assign a number to represent how much of a construct is characteristic of particular client
    --> Ex: Measuring emotional well-being
    --> Challenge of measurement
Assessment and Documentation
Assessment and Documentation
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