US History Chapter 22

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Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met here to plan the postwar world.


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    An era of confrontation and competition between the US and Soviet Union.  1949-1990
    Cold War
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    Where Truman met Stalin to work out a deal on Germany.  Near Berlin.
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    Another name for the Communist countries of Eastern Europe, because they were controlled by the Soviets, as satellites are tied by gravity to the planets they orbit.
    Satellite nations
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    A reference to the Communist nations of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
    Iron Curtain
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    A man that responded to Soviet behavior with a 5,540 word message explaining his views on the Soviets.
    George Kennan
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    A 5,540 word message that George Kennan wrote about his views on the Soviets.
    Long Telegram
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    Kennan proposed what became the basic American policy throughout the Cold War: "a long term, patient but firm and vigilant ______ of Russian expansive tendencies."
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    The European Recover Program which would give European nations American aid to rebuild their economies.
    Marshall Plan
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    Initially included 12 countries:  United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, and Iceland.
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    A war fought to achieve a limited objective, such as containing communism.
    Limited War
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    Formed in 1954 when the US signed a defense agreement with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philipines, and Australia.
    Southeastern Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)
US History Chapter 22
US History Chapter 22
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The Cold War Begins
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