Wildlife and Fisheries

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Terminology: Harvestable surplus

surplus production that can be safetly removed without jepardizing the population

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  • joleen fougere
    Terminology: Yield
     Portion of production taken by humas
  • joleen fougere
    Terminology: Additive Mortality
  • joleen fougere
    Conpare Determinate and Indeterminate growth.
    Determinate: (wildlife) where growth grows to a determined adult size
    Indeterminate: (fish) when growth continues as long as resource are avaliable
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    Conpare Isometric vs Allometric.
    Isometric: the whole body has the same rate of growth
    Allometric: diffrent body parts have different rates of growth ie. large claw on a male crab.
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    How does Population Growth function.

    As population increases Natality/Recruitment (immegration) go down and mortality/Emigration goes up.

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    what are three major forces (the dynamics) that govern population size.
    Adding to population
    1. Natality/recrutment
    2. Growth
    Removing population
    3. Mortality (Harvestable/Natural)
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    What is K capacity
    Carrying Capacity (standing stock)- maxiumun population an environment can sustain without causing habitat damage.
    is the equalibrism between Environmental Resistance (external) and Biotic Protential (internal)
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    what is Environmental Resistance.
    Population interactions including:
    Interations Between-
    The population itself
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    What are three types of population stucture and explain them.
    Size-Biomass amount
    Age-ratio of young to old
    Sex- male female ratio
  • joleen fougere
    Terminology: Conpare a sample vs a Census.

    Sample (or survey): sampling a portion of population
    Census: when every thing (one) in the population is looked at (very intence!!!!)

  • joleen fougere
    In a survey what do the terms Bag and Creel mean
    Bag refures to hunted animals
    Creel refures to fish
Wildlife and Fisheries
Wildlife and Fisheries
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