Chapter 3 science test

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list two ways that the cell moves things by active transport.

a. transport by engulfing
b. transport proteins 

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  • curlee
    most chemical reactions within cells cound not take place without___________________.
    *This is on the test!
  • curlee
    Whate are three examples of lipids?
    a. fats
    b. oils
    c. waxes
  • curlee
    organic compounds-contain-_____________-include-carbohydrates,________,___________,____________.
    1. carbon
    4. nucleic acids
  • curlee
    compounds that do not contain carbon are called________________.
    inorganic compounds
  • curlee
    is the following sentence true or false? the main function of the cell membrane is to control what comes into and out of a cell.
  • curlee
    the rigid layer of nonliving material that surrounds plant cells is the_____________.
    cell wall
  • curlee
    when two or more elements combine chemically, they form a____________________.
  • curlee
    an_________ is any substance that cannot be broken down into sipler substances. its smallest unit is the___________.
    1. element
Chapter 3 science test
Chapter 3 science test
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