Anatomy and Physiology

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Intramembranous Ossification

•Essential processes during fetal development
•Also an essential process during the natural healing of bone fractures
•Also called dermal ossification ie it occurs in the dermis

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  • Hannah
    Intramembranous Ossification
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    Exercise, Hormones and Nutrition

    Effects of Exercise on Bone

    •Mineral recycling allows bones to adapt to stress
    •Heavily stressed bones become thicker and stronger

    Bone Degeneration

    •Bone degenerates quickly
    •Up to one third of bone mass can be lost in a few weeks of inactivity!

    Normal bone growth and maintenance requires nutritional and hormonal factors

    •A dietary source of calcium and phosphate salts
    •The hormone calcitriol
    •Is made in the kidneys
    •Helps absorb
  • Hannah
    Exercise, Hormones and Nutrition (vitamins)

    Normal bone growth and maintenance depend on nutritional and hormonal factors

    •Vitamin C: is required for collagen synthesis and stimulation of osteoblast differentiation (bone growth)

    •Vitamin A:  stimulates osteoblast activity (bone growth)

    •Vitamins K and B12 : help synthesize bone proteins (red blood cell production)

    •Growth hormone and
  • Hannah
    Calcium Homeostasis

    The Skeleton as a Calcium Reserve = Bones store calcium

    Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body

    •Calcium ions are vital to:
    •muscle cells, especially heart cells

    •Calcitonin and parathyroid hormone control and affect
    •Bones = Where calcium is stored
    •Digestive tract = Where calcium is absorbed
    •Kidneys = Where calcium is excreted
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    Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)

    •Produced by parathyroid glands in neck
    •Increases calcium ion levels in the blood by
    •Stimulating osteoclasts
    •Increasing intestinal absorption of calcium
    •Decreasing calcium excretion at kidneys

    Low calcium in blood à your parathyroid released à Stimulates Osteoclasts, Increases adsorption of calcium in gut and your not going to pee it out. 

  • Hannah


    •Secreted by C cells in thyroid
    •Decreases calcium ion levels in the blood by
    •Inhibiting osteoclast activity
    •Increasing calcium excretion at kidneys

    To much Calcium in blood à release calcitonin à inhibit osteoclasts, then pee out calcium

Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology
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