Chapter 16 Braiding

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The terms single braids, box braids, or individual braids all refer to?

Free hanging braids,

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  • bamaroller89
    Narrow rows of visible braids that lie close to the scalp are?
  • bamaroller89
    Natural, textured hair that is interwoven and meshed together to form a single or separate network of hair is?
  • bamaroller89
    The method of cornrows that look natural, last longer, and will not place excessive tension on the hairline is the?
    Feed in Method
  • bamaroller89
    The method of locking where portions of hair are placed between the palms of both hands and rolled in clockwise and counterclockwise direction is?
    Palm Roll
  • bamaroller89
    During the maturation stage of locks, the hair is soft and coiled into spiral configurations, and the end is?
Chapter 16 Braiding
Chapter 16 Braiding
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