Chapter 16 Braiding

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Hair that is referred to as virgin or natural hair has no previous coloring, chemicals, lightening treatment, or?

Physical Abuse

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  • bamaroller89
    Brushes that are used for stimulating the scalp as well as removing dirt and lint from locks are?
    Boar-bristle brush
  • bamaroller89
    Brushes that collapse when they encounter too much resistance in releasing tangles from hair are?
  • bamaroller89
    Brushes with wide-spaced protective pins used on human hair extensions or to gently remove tangles from wet wavy or dry curly hair are?
    Vent Brush
  • bamaroller89
    To avoid scratching the scalp, the teeth on wide-toothed combs should have?
    rounded tips
  • bamaroller89
    An excellent comb for design parting and opening and removing braids is a?
    Tail Comb
  • bamaroller89
    The blow-dryer attachment that stretches and softens textured hair and loosens the curl pattern is a ?
    Pick Nozzle
  • bamaroller89
    A manufactured synthetic fiber with a texture similar to extremely curl or coiled hair types that does not reflect light and is used for hair extensions is?
  • bamaroller89
    Extension material that may cut or break the hair and melt with the application of excessive heat is?
    Nylon or Rayon
  • bamaroller89
    A light, soft extension material that does not reflect light and gives the braid a matte finish is?
  • bamaroller89
    An imported wool fiber available in black or brown with a matte finish that is used in hair extensions is?
  • bamaroller89
    A strong extension material that comes from the domestic ox found in the mountains of Tibet and central Asia is?
Chapter 16 Braiding
Chapter 16 Braiding
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