Medical Terminology Test 1 Chapters 1-5

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What term means situated nearest the middline or beginning of a body structure.

And what is the opposite of that term


EXAMPLES: The proximal end of the humorous forms part of the shoulder.

Proximal is the opposite of DISTAL

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    abnormal muscle tone or tension
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    Bands of fiborous tissue that form joints by connecting one bone to another bone or joining cartilage to bone. Complex hinge joints such as the knee are made up of a series of these and they permit movement in different directions.
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    What does the medical term ARTHRALGIA mean

    pain in the joint
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    What is the basic foundation of medical terms
    Word Root
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    Word Root a special vowel (usually O) is called what
    A combining form
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    Define   SUBLUXATION
    A partial dislocation of a jiont
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    What body parts make up the DORSAL CAVITY
    The dorsal cavity is located along the back of the body and head contains organs of the nervous system that coordinate body functions and is divided into two portions:
    1. The cranial Cavity: which is located within the skull, surrounds     and protescts the brain
    2. Spinal Cavity: located within the spinal column, surrounds and     protects the spinal cord
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    What medical term describes the abnormal enlargement of the heart. Also what is the spelling:
    Cardiomegaly  (Kar-dee-oh-Meg-ah-lee) 
    The abnormal enlargement of the heart that is frequently associated with heart failure when the heart enlarges in an effort to compensate for the loss of its ability.
    Cari/o means heart,  and -megaly means abnormal enlargement)
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    What is a prefix?
    A prefix is added to the beginning of a word to influence the meaning of that term. Prefixes usually, but not always indicate location, time, or number.  EXAMPLE: The term natal means pertainig to birth.
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    What is the meaning    what is the suffix
    Meaning:  SLOW

    Suffix:  cardia

    Bradycardia (Brad-ee-kar-dee-ah)
    Brady: slow, Card: means heart, -ia means abnormal condition

    This term is usually applied to heartbeats under 60 bpm
    abnormally slow resting heart rate
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    Prefix:  Pan

    What does it mean

    What suffix can it go with
    Meaning:  all entire, every

    Pandemic (pan-DEM-ick) Pan means entire, dem mean population, -ic means pertaining to)
Medical Terminology Test 1 Chapters 1 5
Medical Terminology Test 1 Chapters 1-5
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