AP English Key Terms of Language of Composition

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The sequential repetition of a similar initial sound, usually applied to consonants, usually in closely proximate stressed syllables. For instance, "She sells sea shells by the sea shore."

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    A grammatically correct consturction in which a word, usually a verb or adjective, is applied to two or more nouns without being repeated.  Often used to comic effect ("the thief took my wallet and the Fifth avenue bus").
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    The acknowledged or unacknowledged source of the words of the story; the speaker's or narrator's particular "take" on an idea based on a particular passage and how all the elements of the style of the piece come together to express his or her feelings. 
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    The attitude the narrator/writer takes toward a subject and theme; the tenor of a piece of writing based on particular stylistic devices employed by the writer.  Tone reflects the narrator/author's attitude.
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    The central or dominant idea or focus of a work.  The statement a passage makes about its subject.
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    The way words are put together to form phrases, clauses, and sentences.  Syntax is sentence structure and how it influences the way the reader receives a particular piece of writing.  It is important in establishing the tone of a piece and the attitude of the author/narrator.
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    A figure of speech in which a part signifies the whole, such as "50 masts" representing 50 ships or "100 head of steer had to be moved to their grazing land."
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    Use of person, place, thing, event, or pattern that figuratively represents or "stands for" something else.  Ofthen the thing or idea represented is more abstract or general than the symbol, which is concret.  Everyone recognizes the symbol of the golden arches representing McDonald's restaurants.
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    The manner in which a writer combines and arranges words, shapes ideas, and utilizes syntax and structure.  It is the distinctive manner of expression that represents that author's typical writing style.
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    A direct, explicit comparison of one thing to another, usually using the words like or as to draw the connection.  For instance, Charles Dickens wrote: "There was a steamy mist in all the hollows, and it had roared in its forlornness up the hill like an evil spirit."
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    A literary work that holds up human failings to ridicule and censure.  Jonathan Swift and George Orwell were masters of satire. The columnist Ellen Goodman wrote "The Company Man," a satire attacking the struggle for corporate survival by the little man.
AP English Key Terms of Language of Composition
AP English Key Terms of Language of Composition
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