AP English Key Terms of Language of Composition

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Appeals to... authority, emotion, or logic

Rhetorical arguments in which the speaker claims to be an authority or expert in a field, or attempts to play upon the emotions, or appeals to the use of reason. Clasically trained rhetoricians identify these appeals with their Greek names: ethos is authority, logos is logic, and pathos is emotion.

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    An address or invocation to something intamate -- such as when the slave Frederick Douglass exclaims as he looks upon the ships in the Chesapeake Bay: "I would pour out my soul's complaint, in my rude way, with an apostrophe to the moving multitude of ships."
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    A concise statement designed to make a point or illustrate a commonly held belief. For example, "Spare the rod and spoil the child" is an aphorism.
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    The juxtaposition of sharply contrasting ideas in balanced or parallel words, phrases, grammatical structure, or ideas. For example, Alexander Pope reminds us that "To err is human, to forgive is divine."
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    The regular repetition of the same words or phrases at the beginning of successive phrases of clauses. The following is an example: "To raise a happy, healthful, and hopeful child, it takes a family; it takes teachers; it takes clergy; it takesbusiness people; it takes community leaders; it takes those who protect our health and safety; it takes all of us." (Hilary Clinton, National Convention Address, 1996)
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    A literary, historical, religious, or mythological reference. For example, one might contrast the life and tribulations of Frederick Douglass to the trials of Job.

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    The sequential repetition of a similar initial sound, usually applied to consonants, usually in closely proximate stressed syllables. For instance, "She sells sea shells by the sea shore."
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    A narrative in which the characters, behavior, and even the setting demonstrate multiple levels of meaning and significance. Often allegory is a universal symbol or personified abstraction, such as Cupid portrayed as a chubby angel with a bow and arrows.
AP English Key Terms of Language of Composition
AP English Key Terms of Language of Composition
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