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What does yield mean?

Right of way for a person or to any vehicle in the intersection or approaching on another highway

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  • amber rush
    Answered in driving test
    When the automatic traffic signal turns yellow you should:
    1. Speed up to get to the intersection before the light changes to red.
    2. Go on if the light turns yellow after you enter the intersection.
    3. You may enter the intersection on a yellow light.
    4. Go through the intersection slowly, since the yellow light means caution.
    The correct answer is No.2.
  • amber rush
    Answered in driving test
    When driving in a fog you should always use your:
    1. High headlight beams(bright lights)
    2. Low headlight beams (dim lights)
    3.Parking lights
    The correct answer is No.2
  • amber rush
    Answered in driving test
    The best way to get out of a skid is to:
    1. Turn the steering wheel first to the right and then to the left
    2.Put the brakes on quickly and hard
    3. Turn the wheel in the direction of the skid
    4.Hold steering wheel to keep the wheels straight
    The correct answer No. 3
  • amber rush
    Answered in driving test
    If your wheels run off the pavement you should:
    1. Apply the brakes lightly , and turn back on the road at a slow speed.
    2. Speed up so that you can cut the wheels sharply back on the road.
    3, Apply the brakes hard and cut the wheels back onto the road.
    The correct is No.1
  • amber rush
    Answered in driving test
    When entering the interstate highway:
    1.Move in quickly  to avoid traffic congestion
    2. Use acceleration lane to speed up before moving in.
    3. Stop before entering highway
    4. Give signal and move into traffic
    The correct answer is No. 2.
driving test
driving test
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