Developmental Psychology

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What's coregulation

form of supervison in which parents exercise general oversight while lettign children take charge of moment by moment decision making

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    Divorce mediation
    series of meetings between divorcing adults and a trained professional aimed at reducing family conflict which includes legal battles over property and even custody over kids
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    What's another name for blended family
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    What's Propositional thought?
    adolescents ability to evaluate the logic of propositions without referring to real world circumstances
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    What's the formal operation stage
    this is when they develop the capacity for abstract systematic scientific thinking
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    What's acculturative stress?
    psychological distress resulting from conflict between the minority and the host culture
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    What's preconventional level
    morality is externally controlled. Children accept the rules of authority figures and judges actions by their consequences. Behaviors that result in punishment are viewed as bad , those that lead to rewards are viewed as good
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    Moral self-relevance
    degree to which morality is central to self concept
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    Gender intensification?
    Increased gender stereotyping of attitudes and behaviors and movement toward a more traditional gender identity
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    Biological aging?
    this begins genetically influenced declines in the functioning of organs and systems that are universal in all members of our species
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    What's BMR
    Basal metabolic rate- the amount of energy the body uses at a complete rest
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    Pragmatic thought?
    structural advance in which logic becomes a tool for solving real world problems
Developmental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
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