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What are the social theories of aging?

Disengagement-mutual withdrawal between society and elderly
Continuity-the promotion of life satisfaaction by ensuring consistandy between past and anticipated future
Activity-the social barriers (not desired by elders)cause declining reates of interaction
Socioemotional selective- the reference of social interaction as it extends through lifelong selction process

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  • melissa zaun knudsen
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    What are the five elderl y maltreatments
    physical abuse-
    physical neglect- left alone and isolated
    emotional abuse-humilitation, intimidation
    sexual abuse-
    financial abuse-illegal explotation
  • melissa zaun knudsen
    Answered in Devlp Psych
    What is Thanatology?
    the study of death and dying.
  • melissa zaun knudsen
    Answered in Devlp Psych
    what are the three phases of imminent death?
    Agonal - "struggle"- the gasps and muscular spasms

    Clinical-a short interval of heart, breathing and brainfuction has stopped but resuscitation is the last pysical effort.
    Mortality- the permanent death of shruken apperance
  • melissa zaun knudsen
    Answered in Devlp Psych
    What are the five developmental concepts of death?
    Permanance- once dead there is no coming back
    Inevitability- we all have to die some day
    Cessation all living functions, including thought,feeling and movement and bodily processes cease at death
    Applicability-death applies to only living things
    Causation - death is caused by a breakdown of bodily fuctioning
Devlp Psych
Devlp Psych
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