Developmental Psychology

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At a late adulthood stage, what cognitive changes develop.

Memory, language problems to retrieve words to put into sentences, not being able to solve problems easily.

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  • kelly atimbaneme

    Are the elderly more apt. to having illnesses then in the early years?
    Yes the aging become frail, increases changes for diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia
  • kelly atimbaneme

    What does it mean about Erikson's theory Ego integrity vs despair?

    Coming to terms with one's life
  • kelly atimbaneme
    Does religious involvement pertain to any benefits to the elderly physical and psychological well being?
    Yes it also gives them more time to devote to exercising and clossness to family members
  • kelly atimbaneme
    Can watching tv in the home alone be a stressor or a helper
    Stressor because elderly people can live longer with social support which promotes physical health and psychological well being.
  • kelly atimbaneme

    What are the 3 phases of life to death
    -Agonal phase-muscle spams, a struggle to live
    -Clinical death-heartbeat, circulation, breathing,brain functions stop but can be resuscitated
    -Mortality- the body is dead and appears to shrink

  • kelly atimbaneme

    Kubler-Ross's theory of 5 stages of death and dying are what?
    -Denial- denies the issue
    -Anger- angered at friends and family members, about their issue
    -Bargaining- trying to strike deals with God for their life
    -Depression- after all 3 have been done one becomes depressed
    -Acceptance- final the person can now leave their life
  • kelly atimbaneme

    The right to die is what?
    legal right to take their own life to prevent suffering for themselves and their families when there no more medically to be done
Developmental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
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