Developmental Psychology

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According to Erikson, what personality changes take place during early adulthood?

Young adults must resolve the conflict of intimacy versus isolation as they form a close relationship with a partner. The negative outcome is loneliness and self-absorption.

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    Middle aged adults are at in increased risk of what ocular disease in which poor fluid drainage leads to a buildup of pressure within the eye, possibly damaging the optic nerve?
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    The ability to use accumulated knowledge and experience with good judgement is called___________________ intelligence.


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    The end to a women's menstruation and reproductive capacity is called__________
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    Name the "big five" personality traits.
    1. Neuriticism
    2. Extroversion
    3. Openness to experience
    4. Agreeableness
    5. Conscientiousness
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    In Erikson's theory of adult development, the major psychological conflict of midlife is called?
    Generativity versus stagnation
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    Discuss the importance of planning for retirement.
    Retirement brings major life changes, including loss of income and status and an increase in free time. Besides financial planning, planning for an active life is vital, with an especially strong impact on happiness after retirement.
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    Which country has the highest life expectancy rate?


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    Name two forms of arthritis.
    1. Osteoarthritis
    2. Rheumatoid arthritis
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    Describe some of the changes associated with sleep and aging.
    Need less sleep, earlier bedtimes and wake-ups, and more difficulty ssleeping due to insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs, and nightime waking.
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    Discuss the meaning of optimal aging
    Elders who experience optimal aging have developed many ways to minimize gains. Societal contexts that permit older adults to manage life changes effectively foster optimal aging. These include well-funded socail security plans, good health care, safe housing that adjusts to changes in elders capacities, social services, and opportunities for life long learning.
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    Eplain ego integrity versus despair
    Involves coming to terms with one's life. Adults who arrive at a sense of integrity feel whole, complete, and satisfied with their achievements.
Developmental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
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