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Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the collection of CT data?
a. long scan times are more desirable because they average out moton artifacts.
b. the reconstruction process used to create the image occurs in the array processor.
c. to collect the complete set of CT data, x-rays must be passed through the body at many different angles
d. the detectors measure x-rays which completely penetrate the patient


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    Which of the following is NOT normally located in the gantry of a modern CT system?
    a. pre-patient collimators
    b. solid-state detectors
    c. array processor
    d. x-ray tube

    c. array processor

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    X-rays are used in CT because:
    they penetrate the body according to specific attenuation characteristics of each tissue.
  • dhathaway
    X-rays are produced whenever fast-moving electrons colide with any form of matter because:
    the electron loses kinetic energy which is converted into the emission of an x-ray photon
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    Bremsstrahlung radiation does NOT include which type of electron activity?
    1. collision between an incoming electron and the nucleus of the target atom.
    2. collision between an incoming electron and an electron in an inner shell of the target atom.
    3. slowing down of an incoming electron due the effect of passing close to the positive charge of the nucleus of the target atom.
    2 only
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    The mA determines what?
    quantity of x-ray photons
  • dhathaway
    Increased ______ will increase the likelihood that a given x-ray will penetrate a material.
  • dhathaway
    How is collimation accomplished?
    by physically blocking x-rays
  • dhathaway
    Scatter radiation is caused by what?
    deflections from the original trajectory of an x-ray photon through the patient.
  • dhathaway
    Which technology do multi-row detector scanners employ?
    3rd generation
  • dhathaway
    Which of the following is NOT a function of a PACS system?
    a. reconstruction of the image from the raw data
    b. long term data storage
    c. digital distribution of images
    d. image display for the radiologists


  • dhathaway
    Which of the following is TRUE regarding multi-row detector CT scanners?
    1. the size of the detector arrays along the z-directions may be different.
    2. the attenuation information from adjacent detector arrays may be added together to generate thicker slices
    3. all of the detector arrays may or may not be used.
    1, 2&3
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