Biology - Chapter 16

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The spontaneous loss of amino groups from adenine results in hypoxanthine, an uncommon base, opposite thymine in DNA. What combination of molecules could repair such damage?

A) nuclease, DNA polymerase, DNA ligase

B) telomerase, primase, DNA polymerase

C) telomerase, helicase, single-strand binding protein

D) DNA ligase, replication fork proteins, adenylyl cyclase

E) nuclease, telomerase, primase


A) nuclease, DNA polymerase, DNA ligase

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    In a nucleosome, the DNA is wrapped around

    A) polymerase molecules.

    B) ribosomes.

    C) histones.

    D) a thymine dimer.

    E) satellite DNA.

    C) histones.

Biology   Chapter 16
Biology - Chapter 16
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