Chapter 6

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Which structure-function pair is mismatched?

A) nucleolus; production ofribosomal subunits

B) lysosome; intracellular digestion

C) ribosome; protein synthesis

D) Golgi; protein trafficking

E) microtubule; muscle contraction

E) microtubule; muscle contraction---->shaping the cell

microfilaments= contraction

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    Answered in Chapter 6

    Cyanide binds with at least one molecule involved in producing ATP. If a cell is exposed to cyanide, most of the cyanide would be found within the

    A) mitochondria.

    B) ribosomes.

    C) peroxisomes.

    D) lysosomes.

    E) endoplasmic reticulum.

    A) mitochondria.

Chapter 6
Chapter 6
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