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Describe the relationship between kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy during the free fall of a pencil from a desk.

The more gravitational potential energy there is the less kinetic energy there is, and vice verse at the top all energy is Gravitational Potential Energy, and none is Kinetic energy for an example.

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    What quantity is the sum of the kinetic energy and all forms of potential energy in a system?
    Mechanical Energy
  • tcooke757
    Answered in Test Chap 4 + 5
    In terms of energy, what occurs when a machine does work on an object?
    The energy transfered is increased and the object receiving the energy/work has more energy.
  • tcooke757
    Answered in Test Chap 4 + 5
    A car travels at a a speed of 30 m/s on a flat stretch of road. The driver must maintain pressure on the accelerator to keep the car moving at this speed.
    The car's engine is doing work on the car, yet the kinetic energy of the car is not changing. What is happening to the energy supplied by the engine.
    The energy is being lost to friction as heat.
Test Chap 4   5
Test Chap 4 + 5
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