Developmental Psychology Study Guide for final

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Describe Sternberg's triarchic theory of successful intelligence...

the triarchic theory of successful intelligence identifies three broad, interactive intelligences:

1. Analytical intelligence or information-processing skills
2. Creative intelligence, or capacity to solve novel problems
3. Practical intelligence or application of intellectual skills
ineveryday situtations.
Intelligent behavior involves balancing all three intelligences to achieve success in life according to one's personal goals and the requirements of one's cultural community.

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    Why do United States students perform so poorly when measured in Math Achievements?

    Top rated countries have three main common focuses which are believed to be the reason for their success:

    1. Emphasis on effort-North American parents and teachers tend to regard native ability as the key to academic success, while top performers believe that all children can succeed with enought effort.

    2. Hight quality education for all. In top performing countries, ability grouping was absent from their elementary schools. All students received the same nationally mandated, high quality education.

    3. More itme devoted to instruction. Top performing countries have a 50% longer school day than the United States.
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    Children in the concrete operational stage can...
    ...reason logically about concrete, tangible information
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    What is Erickson's theory of "industry versus inferiority"?

    The psychological conflict of middle childhood, which is resolved positively when experiences lead children to develop a sense of competence at useful skills and tasks.
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    Children who develope helplessness...

    ...attribute their failures, not their successes, to ability. When they succeed, they conclude that external factors, such as luck, are responsible.
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    At what age does Menarche happens for girls?
    Menarche, or first menstruation, typically occurs around age 12.5 years of age for North American girls, 13 for Western European.
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    At what age does Spermache happens for boys?
    Spermache, or first ejaculation, typically occurs around age 13.5 for boys.
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    Describe Bulimia Nervosa...

    Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder in which young people engage in strict dieting and excessive exercise accompanied by ginge eating, often followed by deliberate vomiting and purging with laxatives.

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    Whatare kohlberg'smoral development stages?

    According to Kohlberg, there are six stages of moral understanding:

    State 1. The punishment and obedience orientation-children focus on fear of authority and avoidance of punishment as reasons for behaving morally.

    Stage 2.The instrusmental purpose orientation-Children become aware that people have different perspectives in moral dilemma.

    Stage 3.The "good boy-good girl" orientation, or the morailty of interpersonal cooperation-The desire to obey rules because they promote social harmony.

    State 4. the social-order -maintaining orientation-At this stage, the individual takes in to account a larger perspecitve: societal laws.

    Stage 5. The social contact orientation-Individuals regard laws and rules as flexible instruments for furthering human purposes.

    State 6. The universal ethical principle orientation-Right action is defined by self chosen ethical principles of conscience that are valid for all people, regardless of law and social agreement.
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    What are the three levels of moral development in Kohlberg's theory of moral development?

    Preconventional level, the Conventional level and the Postconventional level.
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    What are some consistent factors related to delinquency in youth?

    Family environment high in conflict, low in affection; inconsistent discipline and low monitoring; poverty; ineffective schools
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    What is biological aging?

    It is genetically influenced declines in the functioning of organs and systems that are universal in all members of our species.
Developmental Psychology Study Guide for final
Developmental Psychology Study Guide for final
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