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How do you find the LCD of Fractions?

Check the multiples of greater denominator until you get a multiple of the smaller denominator

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    Ratio means what?
    It is the quotient of two numbers
  • amidehart
    Proportion means.....
    an equation that states that two ratios are equal
  • amidehart
    Repetend means...
    The digit or group of digits that repeats infinitely in a repeating decimal
  • amidehart
    Median in math is....
    Set of numbers is the middle number when the numbers are arranged in ascending (or descending) order and there is a odd number of items.
  • amidehart

    Mode in Math

    The value that occurs most often

    2:51,2.64,2.74,2:41,2:51, 2:61,2:45

    Mode is 2:51 because it occurs twice
  • amidehart
    Angle in Math means
    is the figure formed by two rays(sides) with a common endpoint called the vertex
  • amidehart
    Definition of Vertex
    A point where two or more straight lines meet. Corner.

    Example: a corner of a polygon (2D) or of a polyhedron (3D) as shown.

    The plural of vertex is "vertices
  • amidehart
    The Volume in Math is
    The amount of 3-dimensional space an object occupies. Capacity.
  • amidehart
    Scalene Triangle
    A triangle with all sides of different lengths.
    No sides are equal and No angles are equal
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