Intercultural Communications

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Term: Co-cultures

In this movie, ALL of the characters were Americans, but were part of another co-culture (African American, Latino, Caucasian and Asian)

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    Term: Stereotyping

    This term is portrayed REPEATEDLY throughout the movie Crash. One example that stood out to me was when Sandra Bullocks character saw a man dressed in baggy clothes, a shaved head and lots of tattoos changing the locks in her home. She automatically assumed he was a member of a gang and that he would "sell the keys to his gangbanger friends so they could come back and rob them"
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    Term: Racial Identity
    Brandon Frasier's character (District attorney) is carjacked by 2 African American men. He then states he wants to "protect the black vote" and asks his assistant to arrange a medal ceremony with "that black firefighter who made the news a few days ago" He is informed that the "black firefighter" he is referring to is actually Iraqi. The District attorney replies "but he looks black"
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    Term: Culture Shock
    The Persian shop owner felt like that everyone he came in contact with was trying to rob him or was trying to "rip him off". After his shop was vandalized he was disillusioned and wanted someone to "pay". He felt rejected by his environment and after the destruction of the shop felt like he "lost everything".
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    Term: Objectivity
    Matt Dillon's character exhibited objectivity when he was rescuing a woman from a car wreck that he "sexually assaulted" in a racist incident the night before. He put all of his bias aside and simply wanted to help her because she was a human being in trouble.
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    Term: Scapegoating
    Matt Dillon's character has an ailing father who was laid off of his job. Matt Dillon blamed the African Americans for this and throughout the movie engaged in scapegoating. One such incident was when he was meeting with an insurance representative who was African American and he gave her a hard time made a comment about her name as well as made a comment of "I can think of 5 white guys who could and should have your position"
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    Term: non-verbal communication
    In the beginning of the movie, Sandra Bullock sees 2 African American men walking past her and immediately pulls her husband closer, holds he purse under her arm and avoids eye contact. This shows that she is afraid of the men
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    Term: Perception
    In the movie, Don Cheatle's character (a detective) was an independent person while his brother still lived at home with their mother. His mother’s perception was that he (the detective) didn’t have enough time for their family while his brother made time for their family. The detective in reality was caring for his mother and buying her groceries. In the end, the younger brother died. The mother made it clear to him that she felt this was his fault because he didn’t have time for their family anymore. She also assumed that the younger brother was the one who bought her groceries because she percieved perceived the situation differently than what it actually was.
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    Term: rituals
    In the movie, one of the carjackers had a ritual of placing a statue saint Christopher on the dashboard of the car to watch over them.
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    Term Ethnocentric
    Sandra Bullocks character exhibits many aspects of being ethnocentric. Throughout the movie she portrays herself as superior to others such as her housekeeper and the man who changed her locks.
Intercultural Communications
Intercultural Communications
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