Psychology Midterm 2

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Exceptionally clear memories of emotionally significant events are called

mood-congruent memories.

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    Unlike implicit memories, explicit memories are processed by the

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    Damage to the hippocampus would most likely interfere with a person's ability to learn

    the names of the 50 states in the United States.
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    The discovery that words heard underwater are later better recalled underwater than on land best illustrates the value of
    retrieval cues.
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    Rehearsal is to encoding as retrieval cues are to
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    Information learned while a person is_______is best recalled when that person is______.
    drunk; drunk
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    Austin can't remember Jack Smith's name because he wasn't paying attention when Jack was formally introduced. Austin's poor memory is best explained in terms of

    encoding failure.
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    Using nonsense syllables to study memory, Ebbinghaus found that
    the most rapid memory loss for new information occurs shortly after it is learned.
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    Harry Bahrick observed that three years after people completed a Spanish course, they had forgotten much of the vocabulary they had learned. This finding indicates that information is lost while it is
    in storage.
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    Two people learned nonsense syllables and then tried to recall them after up to eight hours had elapsed. Jenkins and Dallenbach observed that forgetting occurred least rapidly when the individuals spent their time

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    Learning a new ATM password may block the recall of a familiar old password. This illustrates
    retroactive interference.
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    Philippe has just completed medical school. In reflecting on his years of formal education, he is able to recall the names of all his instructors except the fifthgrade teacher who flunked him. According to Freud, his forgetting illustrates
Psychology Midterm 2
Psychology Midterm 2
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