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How many hours must an item submerse in glutaraldehyde to sterilize?

A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10


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  • Amber Calverley
    When a patient's blood pressure is 135/81, 135 refers to:

    A. Diastolic
    B. Systolic
    C. Pedal pulse
    D. Apical pressure
  • Amber Calverley
    A term referring to a waxy secretion in the external ear canal is:

    A. Mucous
    B. Sputum
    C. Cerumen
    D. Perilymph
  • Amber Calverley
    Which of the following is an ossicle of the middle ear?

    A. Pinna
    B. Incus
    C. Labyrinth
    D. Vestibule
  • Amber Calverley
    What is the term for the process of removing blood from an extremity prior to inflating the pneumatic tourniquet?

    A. Exsanguination
    B. Extravasation
    C. Evisceration
    D. Evacuation
  • Amber Calverley
    Which of the following may require probing and dilating in pediatric patients with upper respiratory infections?

    A. Sinus cavities
    B. Eustachian tube
    C. Nasolacrimal duct
    D. Tympanic membrane
    Nasolacrimal duct
  • Amber Calverley
    What surgical team member is responsible for setting up the sterile field?

    A. Surgical first assistant
    B. Surgical technologist
    C. Circulating nurse
    D. Surgeon
    Surgical technologist
  • Amber Calverley
    In what circumstances would cell-saver transfusion be contraindicated?

    A. Anemic patients
    B. Diabetic patients
    C. Cancer procedures
    D. Orthopedic procedures
    Cancer procedures
  • Amber Calverley
    Use of an intraluminal (circular) stapler (EEA) would be indicated for which of the following surgical procedures?

    A. Pancreatomy
    B. Cholecystectomy
    C. Polypectomy
    D. Sigmoidectomy
  • Amber Calverley

    Satinsky, Herrick and Mayo clamps may be specifically used on which of the following structures?

    A. Kidney pedicle
    B. Seminal vesicle
    C. Bladder neck
    D. Prostate gland

    Kidney pedicle
  • Amber Calverley
    The nasal cavity is divided into two portions by what?

    A. Ethmoid
    B. Septum
    C. Vomer
    D. Sphenoid
  • Amber Calverley
    Which of the following is used by the surgeon to intermittently remove prostatic tissue fragments during a TURP?

    A. Randall forceps
    B. Wire snare
    C. Ellik evacuator
    D. Poole Suction
    Ellik evacuator
ST Practice Exam  1
ST Practice Exam #1
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ST Practice Exam #1
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