Psychology Midterm 1

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A genetically female child who receives excess testosterone during prenatal growth is subsequently likely to develop


more aggressive behavior patterns than most girls.

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  • Manuel Almazan

    Sets of expected behaviors for males and for females are called

    gender roles.

  • Manuel Almazan

    The tendency to classify various occupations as masculine or feminine has often led men and women to limit themselves to an unnecessarily restricted range of career options. This best illustrates the impact of

    gender schemas.

  • Manuel Almazan

    Children's tendency to classify toys and songs as either masculine or feminine is most likely to facilitate the process of

    gender typing.

  • Manuel Almazan

    By insisting that humans are “nothing but” products of nature and nurture, we run the greatest risk of undermining

    individual responsibility.

  • Manuel Almazan

    An integrated understanding of gender differences in behavior in terms of gender norms, sex-related hormones, and individual expectations regarding gender-appropriate behavior is most clearly provided by

    a biopsychosocial approach.

  • Manuel Almazan

    The branch of psychology that systematically focuses on the physical, cognitive, and social changes that occur throughout the life cycle is called

    developmental psychology.

  • Manuel Almazan

    A fertilized egg is called a(n)


  • Manuel Almazan

    From 2 weeks to 8 weeks after conception, the human organism is known as a(n)


  • Manuel Almazan

    The developing human organism from 9 weeks after conception to birth is known as a(n)


  • Manuel Almazan

    New born infants typically prefer their mother's voice over their father's voice because

    they become familiar with their mother's voice before they are born.

  • Manuel Almazan

    Harmful chemicals or viruses that can be transferred from a mother to her developing fetus are called


Psychology Midterm 1
Psychology Midterm 1
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