Membrane structure and function

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An organism with a cell wall would most likely be unable to take in materials through


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    A bacterium engulfed by a white blood cell through phagocytosis will be digested by enzymes contained in
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    Which of the following is a reasonable explanation for why unsaturated fatty acids help keep any membrane more fluid at lower temperatures?
    The double bonds form kinks in the fatty acid tails, preventing adjacent lipids from packing tightly.
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    Nitrous oxide gas molecules diffusing across a cell's plasma membrane is an example of
    diffusion across the lipid bilayer.
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    The cell membranes of Antarctic ice fish might have which of the following adaptations?
    a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids
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    Mammalian blood contains the equivalent of 0.15 M NaCl. Seawater contains the equivalent of 0.45 M NaCl. What will happen if red blood cells are transferred to seawater?
    a) Water will leave the cells, causing them to shrivel and collapse.
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    Which of the following is most likely true of a protein that cotransports glucose and sodium ions into the intestinal cells of an animal?
    A substance that blocks sodium ions from binding to the cotransport protein will also block the transport of glucose.
Membrane structure and function
Membrane structure and function
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