Psychology Chapter 9

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a desire to perform a behavior to obtain an external reward or avoid punishment

extrinsic motivation

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  • madison munday
    behavior aimed at doing harm to others; also the motive to behave aggressively
  • madison munday
    inborn, inflexible, goal-directed behavior that is characteristic of an entire species
  • madison munday
    culture-specific rules that govern how, when and why expressions of emotion are appropriate
    EXAMPLE: Men do not show emotion, women are more open and therefore more likely to show emotion.
    display rules
  • madison munday
    many animals secrete this to promote sexual readiness in partners.
  • madison munday
    1)Aggression in the U.S
    2)in fact it is...
    3) In the U.S we have groups such as...
    -is very common
    -at a higher rate than any other country in the world
    - Quakers, Amish, Mennonites, and hutterists which are nonviolent groups which believe in peaceful co-existence
    -vary in how much they handle aggression
  • madison munday
    what is the primary drive for motivating reproductive behavior?
  • madison munday
    inherited tendencies of being overweight
    children born to 2 overweight parents are seven times more likely to become overweight than children born to parents of normal weight
  • madison munday
    obesity has increased by more than __% during the last decade.
  • madison munday
    are unlearned, and found in all animals and humans. they motivate behavior that is vital to the survival of the individual or species
    primary drives
  • madison munday
    An important thing to remember about both motives and emotions ia that they push us to take some kind of what?
  • madison munday
    Scientists have found there is a correlation between age, gender, intelligence, and happiness.
Psychology Chapter 9
Psychology Chapter 9
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