Criminology Midterm

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What are the objectives of criminology?


Ø To develop a body of general and verified principles regarding the processes of law, crime and treatment

Ø Primarily focus on the causes of crime and criminality

§ Criminal Justice focuses on the control of crime (police, courts, corrections)

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    What is crime?

    Ø An act that violates criminal law and is punishable by sanctions

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    What is deviance?

    Ø Behaviour that violates social norms

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    What is Civil Law?

    Ø Regulates arrangements between individuals

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    What is Criminal Law?

    Ø Criminal Law

    § Regulates actions with potential to harm state interests (R, Regina, the crown, the queen)

    § Body of jurisprudence

    · Defines various crimes

    · Specifies various penalties

    · Provides general principles regarding criminal responsibility (mitigating and aggravating aspects)

    · Provides defences

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    Types of Criminal Laws

    · Indictable offences (most serious)

    · Summary conviction offences (maximum of 6 months in jail)

    · Super summary convictions (18 month maximum)

    · Hybrid offences where the crown has a choice between indictable offence or summary conviction

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    What are the sources of Criminal Law?

    · Federal legislation: criminal code and other federal statutes (not different by province)

    · Quasi-Criminal Law: regulatory offences (hands free cell phones)

    · Common Law: judge made law that covers areas not addressed in legislation

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    What is administrative law?

    § Regulates daily business activities

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    What is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

    Ø Emphasizes individual rights

    § Attempts to ensure state does not abuse its power or its citizens

    Ø Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    § Gives judges the power to invalidate criminal law that unjustifiably infringes protected rights of individuals

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    What are the limitations of a legalistic approach to law?

    Ø Misses social, moral and individual significance of immoral behaviour

    Ø Role of Power

    § Those in power create, enforce and determine what is actually prohibited by law

    Ø Formalized laws are fairly recent developments

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    What is the role of rules in society?

    Ø Identifies behaviours that are against the law (what is acceptable and what is not)

    Ø Exemplify social norms (although not everyone agrees upon what is a social norm)

    Ø Allows responses to those who don’t follow rules

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    Continuum of Crime and Deviance

    Ø Determine where something fits on the continuum based on:

    § Severity of societal response

    § Perception of social harm

    § Agreement about norms

Criminology Midterm
Criminology Midterm
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