Biology Final Review

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Most human-infecting viruses are maintained in the human population only. However a zoonosis is a disease that is transmitted from other vertebrates to humans, at least sporadically, without requiring viral mutation. Which of the following is the best example of a zoonosis?


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    Which of the following accounts for someone who has had a herpesvirus-mediated cold sore or genital sore getting flare-ups for the rest of his or her life?
    Copies of the herpesvirus genome permanently maintained in host nuclei.
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    In many ways, the regulation of the genes of a particular group of viruses will be similar to the regulation of the host genes. Therefore, which of the following would you expect of the genes of the bacteriophage?
    Control of more than one gene in an operon.
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    Which of the following is characteristic of the lytic cycle?
    A large number of phages are released at a time.
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    Which of the following statements describes the lysogenic cycle of lambda phage?
    The phage genome replicates along with the host genome.
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    Why do RNA viruses appear to have higher rates of mutation?
    Replication of their genomes does not involved proofreading.
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    What is the function of reverse transcriptase in retroviruses?
    It uses viral RNA as a template for DNA synthesis.
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    Which of the following can be effective in preventing the onset of viral infection in humans?
    Getting vaccinated.
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    Which of the following represents a difference between viruses and viroids?
    Viruses have capsids composed of protein, whereas viroids have no capsids.
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    What are prions?
    Misfolded versions of normal brain protein.
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    Which of the following is the best predictor of how much damage a virus causes?
    Ability of the infected cell to undergo normal cell division.
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    Antiviral drugs that have become useful are usually associated with which of the following properties?
    Interference with viral replication.