Biology 1406 Chap 8

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Enzymes work by.....

A) decreasing the potential energy difference between reactant and product
B) adding a phosphate group to a reactant
C) reducing Ea

reducing Ea

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    An enzyme _______.

    A) is an organic catalyst
    B) is a inorganic catalyst
    C) increase the Ea of a reaction
    is an organic catalyst
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    as a result of its involvement in a reaction, an enzyme_____

    A) loses energy
    B) is used up
    C) is unchanged
    is unchanged
  • garydfreeman
    how can one increase the rate of a chemical reaction?

    A) Increase the entropy of the reactants
    B) Add a catalyst
    C) Cool the reactants
    Add a catalyst
  • garydfreeman

    Increasing the substrate concentration in an enzymatic reaction could overcome which of the following?

    A) denaturization of the enzyme

    B) allosteric inhibition

    C) competitive inhibition

    D) saturation of the enzyme activity

    E) insufficient cofactors

    C) competitive inhibition
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    According to the induced fit hypothesis of enzyme catalysis, which of the following is correct?

    A) the binding of the substrate depends on the shape of the active site
    B) the binding of the substrate changes the shape of the enzyme's active site
    C) the active site creates a microenvironment ideal for the reaction
    the binding of the substrate changes the shape of the enzyme's active site
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    Which of the following is NOT a balanced chemical reaction?

    A) C6H12O6+6O2----> 6CO2+6H2O
    B) CH4 + 2O2----->CO2+H2O
    C) Fe3O4+4C----->3Fe+4CO
Biology 1406 Chap 8
Biology 1406 Chap 8
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