Ch. 5 Thermochemistry

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is sublimation an example of an endo or exo thermic reaction and what change occurs?

sublimation is an endothermic reaction and it involves a solid changing into a gas (like dry ice)

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  • Renea Lyles
    what is the specific heat of water?
    4.18 as a liquid. (about half that as a solid or gas)
  • Renea Lyles
    what does "Delta E" represent?
    The internal energy of a system
  • Renea Lyles
    in the first law of thermal dynamics, we can express it law mathamatically as "Delta E = q + w

    - what does q and w represent?
    - q is the heat absorbed by the system from the surroundings
    - w is the work done on the system by the surroundings
  • Renea Lyles
    what are standard conditions for standard enthalpy change?
    - pure gas at 1 atm
    - pure solid or liquid in its most stable form at 25 degrees Celsius or 298 degrees kelvin
    - solution 1 M concentration
  • Renea Lyles
    What is the standard Enthalpy of formation, or Heat of Formation?
    (Delta H degree f)
    *degree designates standard conditions
    the enthalpy change to form 1 mole of a substance from its constituent elements in their standard state.
  • Renea Lyles
    what are the only two liquids in standard state on the periodic table?
    Bromine (Br2) and Mercury (Hg)
Ch  5 Thermochemistry
Ch. 5 Thermochemistry
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