Biology Ch. 12 and 13

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Please use Figure 12.1 to answer the next two questions. The lettered circle in Figure 12.1 shows a diploid nucleus with four chromosomes. There are two pairs of homologous chromosomes, one long and the other short. One haploid set is symbolized as black and the other haploid set is gray. The chromosomes in the unlettered circle have not yet replicated. Choose the correct chromosomal conditions for the following stages.
one daughter nucleus at telophase of mitosis


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    at prometaphase of mitosis

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    Which term describes the separation of the poles during mitosis?
    anaphase B
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    If mammalian cells receive a go-ahead signal at the G1 checkpoint, they will
    complete cycle and divide
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    Cells that are in a nondividing state are in which phase?
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    Please refer to Figure 12.2 to answer this question. If the cell whose nuclear material is shown in Figure 12.2 continues toward completion of mitosis, which of the following events would occur next?
    formation of telophase nuclei
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    Where do the microtubules of the spindle originate during mitosis in both plant and animal cells?
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    Which of the following is a protein synthesized at specific times during the cell cycle that associates with a kinase to form a catalytically active complex?
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    Which of the following is a protein maintained at constant levels throughout the cell cycle that requires cyclin to become catalytically active?
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    Which of the following triggers the cell's passage past the G2 checkpoint into mitosis?
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    the shortest part of the cell cycle
    M phase
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    The master controlling "restriction point" occurs here:
Biology Ch  12 and 13
Biology Ch. 12 and 13
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