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When did the Sumerian civilization end? Why?

2350 b.c. They were conquered by the Akkadians

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  • Tian Weinberg
    Who were the Akkadians? What ere they like? Important facts?
    The Akkadians conquered the Sumerians in 2350 b.c.

    They were a Semitic-speaking group.

    Sargon was the leader, and when they took over the Sumerians, they incorporated cuneiform and parts of the Sumerian religion into their own.

    Were eventually reconquered by the Sumerians -- Third Dynasty of Ur
  • Tian Weinberg
    Who is Sargon?
    Ruler of the Semitic-speaking Akkadians ~2350bc
  • Tian Weinberg
    Who is Hammurabi? What is he known for?
    Hammurabi (1790-1750bc) was the most famous ruler of the Old Babylonians. Best known for his Hammurabi's Code.
  • Tian Weinberg
    What happens in Egypt around 3100 BC?
    Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt over a period of decades as leaders of local nomes consolidated their power.
  • Tian Weinberg
    Define the Early Dynastic period of Egypt.
    During the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. The rise of Hieroglyphic writing. Kings of the Early Dynastic period became increasingly responsible for maintaing political and religious order. "Ma'at" = Order
SAT 2  World History
SAT 2: World History
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