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Two ways sponges reproduce, is by ______, and forming ______.

Budding; gemmules

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    Describe hermaphroditic reproduction in sponges.
    egg and sperm cells produced by ameobocytes or collar cells that
    undergoe meiosis. sperm released into the water, enter the porocyte
    of another sponge of the same species; sperm is surrounded by an
    amoeboycte, carried to the egg to fertilize it; larva settles on a surface,and grows into a sessile adult sponge.
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    A flexible protein fiber that makes up the skeleton in some
    sponges; related to collagen.
Invertebrates Cards
Invertebrates Cards
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Sponges are the simplest group of animals. They have several different types of specialized tissues that perform different functions. Sponge cells are unique because they are interdependant, and can form new sponges by combining cells after seperating.
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