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Examples of operons

Inducible operon- no usually transcribed and need to be activated by inducers. (Normally is off).

Lactose operon: Inducer is lactose, inactivates the repressor.

Repressible operon- transcribed continually until deactivated by repressors.

Tryptophan operon: tryptophan acts as a corepressor, combines with a repressor to block the operator.

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    A change in the nucleotide base sequence of a genome.
    − Rare event
    − Usually deleterious (however, occasionally may be neutral or even beneficial)
    − Occasionally leads to a protein having a novel property that improves ability of organism and its descendents to survive and reproduce
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    Types of mutations
    • Point mutations (most common)

    • Base substitution

    • Missense mutation

    • Silent mutation

    • Nonsense mutation

    • Frameshift mutation
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    Agent that causes mutations.
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    Types of mutagens
    • Radiation− Ionizing radiation – induces breaks in chromosomes− Nonionizing radiation – induces pyrimidine dimers• Chemical Mutagens− Nucleotide analogs –mimic normal bases, but once incorporated, cause mistakes in base pairing
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