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What is Merton's typology? 5 ways people respond to conflict and strain.


§ Conformity – person who conforms accepts both the goals and means for achieving culturally acceptable goals.

§ Innovation – person who innovates accepts goals but not the means for achieving these goals. (I.E Drug Dealer may accept materialist values but not through conventional means)

§ Ritualism – ritualists reject the goals but accept the means.

§ Retreatism – retreatists reject both the goals and the means.

§ Rebellion – rebels not only reject both the goal and means but also substitute the rejected goals with another set of goals.

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    differential illegitimate opportunities?

    § poor people also lack access to socially illegitimate ways of reaching goals. Have to look at both: law abiding and criminal.

    Deviant behavior will flourish if people have access to illegitimate means
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Deviance Crime and Control: Beyond the Straight and Narrow - Exam 1 - Chapter 1-3 - Tammy Hoekstra
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