Soils & Foundations

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Objectives for Compaction of Soil

- Increasing the bearing capacity
- Decreasing the undesirable settlement
- Controls volume changes
- Reduces hydraulic conductivity
- Increases Slope Stability

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  • k mourtos19
    What are 4 factors that affect the extent of soil compaction?
    1. Effort (machinery)
    2. Soil type & gradation
    3. Moisture Content
    4. Dry unit weight (dry density)
  • k mourtos19
    What do Engineers claim about Soil Compaction?
    It makes the optimum density as close to the zero-air-void as possible
  • k mourtos19
    Compaction Specifications
    - Work Type (contractor says what to do and how)
    - Performance Based (contractor must achieve a certain degress of compaction based on lab data of soil)
  • k mourtos19
    Equipment used for Soil Compaction
    Smooth Wheel Roller
    Sheepsfoot Roller
    Pneumatic tire Roller
    Vibratory Roller
    Ramming (Dynamic)
  • k mourtos19
    Measurements of Field Compaction

    - Nuclear Method
    - Sand Cone
    - Rubber Balloon

  • k mourtos19
    Hazards during Excavation
    -Inhaling Toxic chemicals
    -Underground Utility Lines
Soils   Foundations
Soils & Foundations
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