Intellgence Chapter 8

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what is the seguin form board

a test designed for mentally handicapped
it tests performance while eliminating the use of words. achieves scores by using puzzles and mazes

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    Bayley Scales of Infant Development
    tests perception, memory, and verbal communication
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    what does it mean to be a culturally fair test
    the test must eliminate laungage skills and values. it must also be designed to reduce cultural bias by minimizing skills and values that vary from one culture to another
  • gbpackers31
    what's reliability
    consistent- take a test 1 day and then 5 days later, and you will get the same score
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    what is validity?
    test what the test is meant to
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    what's split half reliability
    splitting a single test into two parts - to assign odd numbers items to one test and even numbered to another - if scores on the two tests acree then it has SHR
  • gbpackers31
    what is content validity
    refers to a test having an adequate sample of questions. doesn't have any culture on it
    ex. birthday suit
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    what is criteron validity
    related valdility - comparison of the test score and independent measures of what it's designed to do
Intellgence Chapter 8
Intellgence Chapter 8
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