Medical Terminology

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inflammation of the tonsils


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    human body has the capability of resisting organisms or poisons that tend to damage its tissues and organs
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    two types of immunity
    humoral and cellular immunity
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    defenda the body, circulates antibodies, acts under the influence of tissue, protects the body against bacteria and viral infections
    B-cell humoral immunity
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    immunity depends on the body's ability to develop lymphocytes, which attacks an invading agent to destroy it
    T-Cell immunity
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    lymphocytes are specialized white blood cells
    cellular immunity
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    resistance to a particular disease development by people who have had the disease
    acquired immunity
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    resistance in which the antibodies that have been produced by a person currently exist
    active immunity
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    action taken that results in a person having resistance tp a particular disease
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    preparation used to stop or decrease the immune response that leads to tissue injury or transplant rejection
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    type of resistance a newborn child has received from its mother
    natural immunity
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    type of immunity in which a person does not form his/her own antibodies but rather are given antibodies against a specific disease from other sources
    passive immunity
Medical Terminology
Medical Terminology
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